Life Time Astrology & Predictions

Astrosum is an astrological app that uses your Name, Date of Birth, Birth time and Place of Birth to provide you with the most
accurate Vedic astrological prediction. Astrosum will prepare you psychologically for all the things that will
be thrown at you in the future.

Wealth Astrology

Understand your financial positions in details of months and days. If Time is money, This is your ATM.

Health Astrology

Health is wealth so understand your health curve month by month. Because prevention is better than cure.

Partnership Compatibility

Looking for success with a partner in love or Business Check your chances of success with your partner.

Ques/Ans Astrology

Have a question that no one answers Knowing chances is creating chances. Ask Us and make your chance.

Career and Profession

Career is a journey and we provide a compass. Know your possibility in every profession and be the best.

Life Astrology

Understand syllabus of life. Know your current marksheet and be better prepared for next semester.

Vivah Sutra

A well matched couple is a happy couple. Match yourself on Emotions, nature and make them your strength.

12 Months Astrology

365 days of happiness by understanding glimpse of family, wealth, health and more with 12 months astrology.

Past Life

Know your past to build your future. Understand your strengthsweaknesses and get a brighter future.

Astro Lucky Charms

Things around you affect your chances of success. Understand what suits you to live a suitable life.

Hourly Prediction

Knowing the moment is controlling the moment. Understand hours of life with all Dos and Donts.


Zodiac Horoscope Prediction

Astrosum offers you a fascinating feature where you can check out what your zodiac signs has to say about you.


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